Soft petels, i…

Soft petels,
its disquieting to watch you as you wither,
Dismaying to hear you as you cry,
Merciful to yearn so earnestly for you to live,
Yet reality to remind that you are gone.
Blue hummingbird I wish you well,
You feed upon these withered plants,
You pry upon there soul,
and here you are,
now facing them,
Realizing that they are gone. 


I begged of you…

I begged of you to mercy hate,
As I entered, solemnly I lay, crying
yearning, ever so passionately for love.
but here he sat,
so dragged
his lips so yellow,
his face so pale,
and here I only prayed to gd for mercy,
and here is what he gave

Was it my fault…

Was it my fault that my hatred was embedded in your envy?
You were the one who mercilessly threw your love to me,
then, as if it was nothing, alleged that it was I who captivated  you,         
making it as if you had done nothing,
and watching me,
as my tears burned,
waiting, as months passed,
beginning  to trample upon my passion
was it my glory, that threw you so off track,
your lies that you felt saved you?
I asked you to leave,
And you just stood there,
As if it had always been nothing. 

lmao, randomness, edit plaese.

I have seen the fire, 
she greeted me so kindly. 
Her marriage suit, so lush, 
So real, 
So fervent. 
Its wretched to say it got too strong, 
too punitive, 
so excruciatingly dramatic, 
it’s disquieting to proclaim that the marriage suit has coarsened, 
And here I find myself bewildered, 
covering myself in ice.

Thank gd, as y…

Thank gd, 
as your tears slowly embrace that sweet passion 
that has willfully turned cold, 
and endorse this inevitable truth 
that should calmly lift u off your feet, 
and drop u upon reality, 
reminding you that your future lies there for all eternity,
and that pain can no longer reach you.
Its wind, 
so soft, so calm, 
its waters, mystic, 
and its spark to life, 
so real. 
Embrace its sweet passion 
that has promised to u
and willfully turn it into your own. 
Mutter to yourself, 
life is a test, 
weighing itself, 
purely for this.

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